Is The Play Brigade a tax-exempt organization?

Yes, The Play Brigade has tax-exempt charitable status under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code.

How did The Play Brigade begin?

Boston-area parents Dawn and Justin Oates founded The Play Brigade when their family realized many local playgrounds are not equipped so their daughter Harper, who has mobility impairments, could play and socialize alongside her siblings and friends. And they were not alone in wanting places where all children could play together.

Is play really a basic civil right?

Yes, as Congress officially agreed in 2011. Play is essential to our individual and collective well-being. People of all ages need play in various forms over the course of a lifetime.

What is inclusion?

Inclusion means everyone participates and everyone belongs. It is the notion that all people can participate fully in the social, cultural, educational, civic, religious, and vocational aspects of community life.

Who benefits from the work of The Play Brigade?

Everyone benefits from inclusion in play, recreation, and sports: Children, adults, caregivers, the elderly, wheelchair users, parents with strollers, individuals with long- and short-term disabilities. Modeling inclusion in communities has many benefits, including fostering compassion, team building, empathy, problem solving, and much more.

What does The Play Brigade do?

We work with municipalities and organizations to ensure that inclusion is a high priority. We strive to create a lasting dialogue, change mindsets, and create a future of expectations for communities that welcome the participation of all-abilities, providing resources and accommodations that go far beyond minimum standards. We illuminate the difference between accessibility and inclusion in play, indoor and outdoor recreation, and sports of all kinds. We inspire and advise organizations on how to adopt inclusion as fundamental part of their existence. We keep conversations going about raising the bar, in the hopes that the ideal we have for our community transforms into the standard. Everyone needs fun throughout the lifetime; as such, a priority for us is raising awareness of the importance of community inclusion with leaders at the planning level of organizations, so planning for inclusion becomes woven into the fabric of each organization, rather than being an afterthought. We strive to elevate the Greater Boston area to the leader and model for play-based community inclusion awareness, and create a ripple effect to surrounding communities.

How are you funded?

Our current fundraising plan includes support from public and private donors, corporate and federal grant opportunities, grassroots fundraising, and events. Donations to The Play Brigade are tax-deductible. We welcome support from individuals and organizations whose giving philosophy aligns with our vision and desire to grow to meet the needs of communities everywhere.

Can I follow Play Brigade on social sites?

Yes! Follow The Play Brigade on Facebook, Twitter (@PlayBrigade), Instagram (@theplaybrigade) and LinkedIn.