Perfect Time for “Site” Seeing


We recently made some big changes here at The Play Brigade. In the past month, we released an updated version of our website with many awesome new features. We also unveiled a branding redesign to complement our new site with a modern look and easy to use layout. The site needed to look good, it needed to present information in a clear, accessible way.

In case you haven’t noticed, we have recently made some big changes here at The Play Brigade. In March 2023, we released an updated version of our website with many awesome new features. We also unveiled a redesign to complement our new site with a modern look and easy-to-use layout. The site needed to be accessible; it needed to look good; and it needed to present information in a clear, accessible way.

But, of course, these changes didn’t just happen overnight. They were the result of many months of hard work on our end. And we’re proud of the effort our team put into producing these amazing results. 

The reason we changed our site is we initially created the old site to serve The Play Brigade 5K event. We were proud of how that site came out when we initially designed it. As we grew and our projects increased, so did our need for advanced website services. After all, the Internet is an ever-changing, ever-evolving place. Technology is always improving, thus, web design techniques that were optimal years ago are typically not the best option anymore. When we started this project, our goal was to optimize our site for our audience. This meant designing a site that would both attract individuals in need of resources, our donors, and serve our brigade of advocates and volunteers.

We enhanced our new site for search in a few different ways:

Simple Navigation – We audited and organized our site structure to make sure visitors could navigate it easily. After all, nothing drives visitors away like a disorganized site.

Mobile Optimization – These days more people surf the web on mobile devices than on desktop. Therefore, we made sure our site would look great no matter what device people viewed it on.

Visually Appealing – While we liked our old site, one thing it lacked was striking visuals. However, appealing images have become one of the most crucial factors in web design. So, we added more images and videos to beautify our site. Our branding redesign was also a big help with this. 

What’s New– A place where you can find out the latest and greatest activity taking place within The Play Brigade.

Keyword Search – We took the time to make sure we were using the right keywords. This way, our webpages would rank for what our users were searching for.

Finally, we have our new The Play Brigade website ready! All those months of planning and hard work are now out in the public. And we are just so happy to contain our excitement. So, has it really been worth the effort? Let us know your thoughts!

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