What we do

Advocate. Influence. Empower.

There are children and adults in every neighborhood who are missing opportunities to interact with their peers and their community in fun and meaningful ways because they are overlooked in the planning process. So we advocate.

There is a need for educating communities on how making different choices when imagining play, recreation, or sports can lead to activities that can be fun, engaging, and safe for everyone, regardless of age or ability.

We know that careful planning and a team that includes someone who represents the interests of the disabled population can offer creative insights on how we make choices within a set budget that will meet planning and community goals. So we influence.

Our mission goes beyond just giving a wheelchair a curb cut. It gives a community life.
The Play Brigade believes that inclusion, the idea that everyone participates and everyone belongs, is the cornerstone of community. As such, the work we do is inclusive, rather than “specialized,” and we raise the bar beyond ADA compliant. We create awareness of inclusion as a social problem, illustrating how individuals and entire communities benefit when every person has the opportunity to participate and belong. So we empower.


  • We form allies who are committed to making inclusion a priority and who have the desire, ability, and leadership position to effect change within their organization or municipality.
  • We consult with organizations on what changes they can make that will have great impact toward being more inclusive.
  • We create universal opportunities for fun that demonstrate what true community inclusion looks like and showcase its benefits to communities and society as a whole.

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