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2021 Ambassador Challenge



A person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified cause or activity.

The Play Brigade is making a special call for ambassadors for our mission of creating opportunities for inclusive play, recreation, and sports, where everyone participates and belongs, regardless of age or ability.

Jeremy Howard is currently attempting the Fastest Known Time (FKT) of the Long Trail in VT. Specifically, he will attempt to run the 273-mile route in under 6 days completely unassisted. This markedly individual task will test every physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual faculty Jeremy has.

So why would anyone attempt such a feat? In Jeremy’s case, he says, “Completing my journey will be much more satisfying knowing I’ve done it while supporting The Play Brigade’s mission to help empower, influence and inspire people with disabilities. I have a brother with Down Syndrome and a family friend with a limb difference. I understand how important it is for them, and countless others, to feel a part of their community.”

To that same end, we’d like to give you 3 opportunities to become an ambassador alongside Jeremy:

To accomplish The Play Brigade’s mission, we need ambassadors willing to contribute financially. Could you sponsor Jeremy at $10 or $1 or even $.10 a mile? Your donation will go a long way to making accessibility a reality for many families.

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Nominate or Become an Ambassador:
Jeremy is running 273 miles to raise awareness of the importance of connecting people with disabilities and their allies to the outdoors. We need Ambassadors for the cause who motivate him to keep running. Tell your story about the importance of access by identifying yourself or someone you know as an Ambassador, and we will share the story and words of encouragement with Jeremy along the way! Click here to share your story or offer your well-wishes to Jeremy.

Run, Wheel, Walk, or Bike (virtually) with Jeremy:
No, you don’t have to cover 273 miles! But any mile you complete and any dollar you raise will go to enhancing the impact Jeremy is making. Choose your distance – 1-mile, a 5K, a 10K, or a 1/2 marathon; set your fundraising goal (no minimum required); and join us for the first Play Brigade Ambassador Challenge! Click here to register for your virtual distance.

Check out Jeremy’s Launch Video: Jeremy Howard Launches FKT Run

Want to follow along as Jeremy runs?